Can I add my girlfriend to my car insurance?

Many people think that car insurance either follows you or the vehicle. The impact of car insurance on lending a car to someone or borrowing a friend’s car can be very confusing. Can I add my girlfriend to my car insurance? 

If your girlfriend moves home or has regular access to a vehicle, be sure to check the car insurance terms to make sure you have protection. In some circumstances, you may need to add a new driver to your plan, but this is not always the case. If the addition of an operator to a policy is required, you should know that adding a partner to a car insurance policy has advantages and disadvantages.

Defining an allowed user

If you allow other drivers who are not listed in the policy to drive, the driver will be insured as long as they comply with the definition of the authorized user company.

This is an industry standard that allows some permission to use a personal auto insurance policy. 

Other drivers are added as part of the fair use definition in the following situations:

  • A friend who does not live in the house borrows a vehicle
  • A neighbor borrows his car temporarily when his vehicle is out of service
  • A friend drives a vehicle in an emergency

Someone is testing a car in the hope of buying it:

  • A family member outside the city drives the vehicle for a week
  • A colleague drives a car for lunch
Can I add my girlfriend to my car insurance?

Factors to consider

add boyfriend girlfriend to car insurance. Before contacting an insurance company to add a boyfriend or girlfriend to your policy, consider the following:

  • How often does he / she drive your car? First of all, you should consider how often significant people drive your car. Basically, every time someone drives a car, car insurance is effective and will be responsible for covering any losses, even if the driver has insurance. For example, if your boyfriend or girlfriend regularly drives a car to work or to do business, the insurer may consider him the main driver. If so, your carrier may require you to put a significant other person on the policy. If he is not on the policy and is involved in a collision while driving, the insurance company may not cover the claim.
  • You live together? If you share a residence, you will probably need to add your boyfriend or girlfriend to your car insurance policy. Reason? – In most cases, insurance companies assume that people residing at the same address have access to their vehicles. In other words, if you own a car and an insurance policy, but your girlfriend lives with you, your carrier will consider her the main driver. Therefore, to ensure that your girlfriend is adequately insured every time she drives your vehicle, she would have to be listed in the policy.
  • What’s his or her driving record? Before you add your boyfriend or girlfriend to your policy, think about his driving history. Insurance companies evaluate driving records for each insured person. If a significant person’s driving record reflects several accidents due to guilt or mobile misconduct, this may affect your premiums. 

The decision to combine auto insurance policies with your partner depends on both of you. However, if your partner regularly uses your vehicle and you live together, consider sharing a policy to avoid problems with your insurance company. Below you can see estimates for combined auto insurance policies.



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